Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cousin fun

This past weekend, we took a family trip to the yew dell gardens to go see the train exhibit and to explore this new place we've never been before. I heard on the news radio station that there was a train exhibit going on here, so i decided to round up the gang to go. And  by the gang, i mean team weaver, coco and Mikey. Mikey is Jr's little cousin by 4 months. When we go to the botanical gardens, we got to see the trains, Santa and walk the grounds to see what in the spring time, I'm sure is a very beautiful sight to see. The boys absolutely loved watching the trains. I knew this would be a good thing to go do, because there is at train set that is around the Christmas tree at Jr's day care and we have to stop and look at it every morning for at least 5 minutes.

 After looking at the trains, we went and saw Santa. Mikey ran straight up to Santa with no problems. Jr on the other hand was a little bit more of a struggle. After he saw Santa give Mikey a candy cane, that kinda helped coax him to go sit with Santa. This is actually the first picture i have of Jr with Santa, im glad he likes to take pictures.

 Once we got some candy from santa, we decided to just walk the grounds of the botanical gardens. I mean i did pay to get in here, so im about to get my monies worth. I am actually excited to go back during the spring to see all of the plants and flower in bloom. Good times with family, cant ask for more.

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