Saturday, July 21, 2012

Its been a long time

shouldnt have left you, without a dope beat to step to...

any way, whats good world? its been some time since ive written and so much has happened and gone on since then.. lets see....

Jr is now 2 and in that wonderful terrible stage. We have sucessfully finished potty training, he now stands up when he pees and makes it to the bathroom before he makes number 2. Can we say proud mommy?!?! OH YEAH!! Its truly amazing to watch your child grow up. I knew he was going to grow up, but i just had no idea what i was in store for when he did. It seems like everyday he adds another word to his sentence when he talks to me. The other day when he was sitting at the table he told me "need to get down mommy, need to watch cars," now before it was always something along the lines of watch cars, or get down. But now he needs everything and im understanding him so much more. It just amazes me. Not only is this child almost as big as me, but now im starting to understand what he is telling me? oh wow. i just cant take it. Hes just getting so big i cant take it. When he took his school pictures it just amazed me at how much he looks nothing like me. lol

As far as i go, hmmm... i took my dreads down after having them for about a year and a half. after that i decided it was time for another change.. so i chopped my hair off! whaddya think? i think this has been the best thing thus far that ive done. i absolutely love it. im thinking of going shorter, but that will be determined at a later time. Ive recently became addicted to this thing called pintrest. my mom told me about it and once i looked into it, it was a wrap. im now addicted. lets see how much of the stuff on my diy list gets done. with this new job that i have and these 10 hour days i am going to have to do a better job updating this blog. even if no one reads it, i still like to share. lol

Speaking of sharing, im bout to give you some pages that you really need to make sure you check out. once you do, youll be glad you did.
3.)  this is an upcoming artist here in louisville that happens to be one of the dopest ive ever heard. (and no im not saying that because hes my husband) With all the crap that is being played on the radio now, his music is completely unlike anything thats out now. Its good to have some music with some substance that isnt talking about  hoes, money  and drugs. If you love hip hop and want to listen to what it should be, check out the pages! let me know what you think, tell em i sent ya!!

yall be easy.


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