Monday, December 10, 2012

shameless plugs

I was recently a part of a music video for a group here in louisville that i respect to the 10th power. upon seeing that video i realized that i am linked to alot of talented people. I know multiple people in the music industry, jewlery makers, master stylist, and photographers, just to name a few. So i thought id do a shameless plug post for those that i know that are doing their thing. 

First things first: My other blog.. i am married to a musician, and on my other blog i tell you what its like to be the Wife of a musician.. check it out

Music to my ears: As mentioned before i am  the wife of a musician. That up and coming artist is Romell wit 2lls you can go to his Soundcloud page, listen to the new music, get the free downloads and just bang out. There is also another group that i am close with, and that is CPHR DVN. I recently had a cameo in their latest music video called BeautifuLiar. Please check out both the facebook page and the video. 
If you are into the dub step revolution, you need to check out the magnificent duo of ANK. I personally know the K to the ANK duo, and not only are they some dope ass DJs, but Ive heard some really bad ass songs come from them.. check out the soundcloud page and get your dub step on!!

Keeping up with the latest fashion is my girl iGinaBee. She has been one of my closest friends, and she has  been through more than most. check out her facebook page (link above) and her professional page Hook yourself up with some new accessories (some of which are customizable) read her stories and let her be an inspiration for those that are going through some trying situations.

You got the latest accessories and now you gotta have the fly do to match you need to check out my sister Faith Beverly. She is in the ATL area and the best stylist i know. You can check her website to book appointments, get prices or read the praises for her services. I will be the first to tell you that if you want your hair done right, then this is where you need to be. Go to A Touch of Faith and get it done right! Check out the commercial by Major Mindz Media featuring my sister Faith Beverly. 

Well yall, thats enough of my shameless plug post, but be sure that you check each and everyone of my peoples out. If we dont support eachother, how will we ever be great? This will not be the last of my shameless plug post. Leave a message and let me know what you think of anyone mentioned above. Or if you need to find some one, i am almost certain i can find someone for you. 


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