Wednesday, December 19, 2012

home sick.

I was reading the news earlier today, and they were saying that omaha was under a winter weather advisory with a possible blizzard on the way. Now call me crazy if you want to, but i want to be home right now during this blizzard. Here in the ville, we havent even had a thought about snow. Its christmas time for goodness sake.  i was born and raised between colorado and nebraska so snow during this time of year is the norm for me. Last year here in the ville, we had a little bit of snow, but nothing that was even worth remembering. Now its dec 19 and there has been nothing but rain. In the words of my son "come on man, are you serious?" i need  snow im my life. tonight i wish i were in the blizzard with a fire place, my favorite blanket my granny made me and some wine. oh omaha, i miss thee.. 

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