Sunday, December 16, 2012

The company you keep

Someone once told me that everyone is in your life for a season and a reason, and the seasons are definitely changing. Since moving away from home, my friend count has been limited slim to none. Here recently a whole new set of people have been brought into my life, and its just crazy to see the difference between the "old friends" and "new friends." Don't get me wrong, new friends aren't better than old friends and old friends aren't better than new ones. But the new friends are a completely different type of people. And by different i mean dope. The company that you keep should be the type of company that you can learn, grow, and build with. That company should be the type that helps you develop yourself instead of bringing negative energy all the time. The new friends are just that type of people. Take for example, we (me, Nancy and Sarah) were at a liquor store trying to get change for door for Cphr Dvn release party, we each had one item and a 20$ bill. Of course the goal is to get as many ones as possible. The first problem when making our purchases was that the clerk didn't give the correct change back. when Sarah corrected the man, to me, it seemed like he got an attitude because he was corrected and then when he did give her the correct change he threw it at her on the counter. Now to me, when i have my hand out for you to put my change in and you put it on the counter, that irritates me. But when you throw it down like he did, that was just disrespectful. Keeping in mind that this man behind the counter was of a different background, and from what i know of his people, women are not on the same level as men. So in his mind he may have thought it was OK to do that, who knows he may put all females money on the counter instead of handing it to them. Now had i been with anyone else, the conversation when walking out would have been about how disrespectful that was and so on. But instead, it was about how nice it was for him to give us the change, and how thankful they were that he did. i was thinking about that and it made me realize that i am on a different wave length than the company i was in. I also realized upon conversing with Sr, that i tend to have a negative tone about alot of things. That's something i need to work on because the energy that you put out is going to be the energy the universe gives back, and if i continue on the negative path, then things will continue to be the way that they are now. So maybe with the new company that i have, i learn more, not only from them but about myself also. Here's to a new journey. 

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