Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ok im going to be better.. for real this time

ok ok ok, i know my last post i said i was going to be better about my posting.. yeah.. that was 3 months ago. lol i know im bad. but here i am again.. back at it.

so i am also starting up another blog, this one is from the prospective of a musicians wife. my husband has been doing music for as long as ive known him, and here within the past 6 months, things have really started taking off for him. Hes been making alot of good connections, and getting to asked to play more shows. His  facebook page has been getting more likes, and his soundcloud is getting more plays and even has free downloads. if you are currently reading this, i want you to go to his soundcloud play a few tracks and post a comment on here and let me know what you think. please feel free to tell a friend about both of his pages and also my new blog as well.

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