Saturday, April 23, 2011

one week and counting and other stuff..

so this birthday party is in one week and counting. and the plans have changed.. we are now going to chuck e cheese for this party. it will keep my house cleaner and plus the guest list keeps growing.. how im not really sure, but it went from a handfull of kids to damn near 15 now. OMG! yeah.. were going somewhere that i dont have to clean up behind rugrats foreal. so chuck e cheese it is. now lets see if we have enough money to cover all the expenses for the food and stuff. 
we went to the zoo today for the first time with Jr. the last time i was at the zoo, i was tryin to walk his ass out. lol it wasnt the best of days to go since it was a little rainy today, but since it was $2 day at the zoo, it was worth it. there were animals out, but not all of em. i didnt really get a chance to take many pictures with him and the animals because i went with a homegirl who had her two kids also. but the few that i did get to take were pretty good. 

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