Tuesday, April 26, 2011

oye vey!!

this birthday party thing is getting out of hand i tell ya.. it orginally started here at our house, then moved to chuck e cheese..NOW...its back at the house.. i changed it to chuck e cheese because i thought it was going to be alot of kids here and i was trying to entertain them, well when i sent out the reminder via text about the party nobody responded to me that they were coming with any kids. so if nobody with kids is going to make it to CEC, lets just move it back home. there is no point in having an adult party at CEC. so now im just going to cook some nachos and call it a day. if anyone shows up great, if not oh well. its not like hes really going to remember it anyway, so well just hang out at the house. if alot of kids do come then well just pile up and head to the park, if not then we just kick it, play dominoes and spades and just chill. i know one thing, ill be glad when its over. lol

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