Monday, August 22, 2011

yet another month goes by..

mommys hair cut
i know, ive become terrible when it comes to blogging and keeping things up. Ive just been a busy mom here the past month. where do i start? hmmm.. Jr got his first hair cut, and of course it was by his mommy :) Those curls were just getting out of control, and i just decided to take some shears to cut them down, it was cute but you could tell that it was a home made haircut. lol so about a week later his daddy gave him a real haircut and he just looked so handsome. even if he does have a serious cowlick on the front of his head. lol
daddys hair cut

Weve been to a birthday party here recently at chuck e cheese, and he was not a fan of the moving rides. even when he was riding with his little cousin

This past weekend we went to the state fair and this was the first time that Jr has ever seen any type of animal other than a regular type animal. He got real excited when he saw the cows, chickens, rabbits, goats and pigs. He was laughing and screaming and everything. We had a really good time, and apparently so did he since he was knocked out on the way home.

looking at the cow
first time seeing sheep

looking at the duckies

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