Sunday, April 10, 2011


a weekend of activity outside of the house. saturday we went to a friends sons birthday party. this was his second birthday party but his first one that he can really remember. he was walking around and just hanging out. we wore him thee hell out sat. and today we went to chuck e cheese. he started walking around and everything while he was there, watch out world jr is really on the move now! lol we put him in some of the rides and at first he wasnt feeling it, but then he got the hang of it. i think after he ate he was more excited to be around all of the noise and hanging out with other kids like that. even his daddy had fun. lol

here in a few weeks he will be having his first birthday party, and his god parents will be intown along with a whole bunch of folks here. truthfully, im a little anxious about this bday party. ive never had to throw a childs birthday party before. like what do i do to entertain these kids? my plan is to get a ball pitt for him and all the kids to play in, while me and the adults chill out and party. idk hopefully this party will go over smooth. ugh lets get this over with already.. lol

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