Sunday, April 3, 2011

today was not his day..

if your name was romell, today was not your day. when Sr woke up this morning, his phone decided that it no longer wanted to work. so now hes with out phone for a few days. and jr had a roll over accident, and a few spills today. we were outside enjoying the day and he was in his walker, he started following me but then changed directions and went off the concrete and had a roll over accident in the walker. he didnt break anything and nothing was bleeding, he just has a little scrape near his eyebrow. Sr said that he dove off of the couch outside earlier, and then i put him in his crib wrapped in his towel and he went to stand up and got tangled. he ended up bumpin his head and it just happened to be on the same side as the roll over accident. my poor babies. this sunday was not a funday for the romells.

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