Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mom, Dad, its time to get ready...

OMG!!!! Jr took his first steps last night and both mel and i were here to see it!!! Talk about exciting!!! i was screaming with excitement which in turn made him scream with excitement! lol He was walking between the two of us for like 45 minutes last night. Even though my baby looks like a little drunk when he was walking, he was still walking on his own!! i think that hell be walking by the time his birthday party comes around next month. I cant believe that he is already going to be one. Hell be 11 months on the 4th. My how time flys. And now hes walking too?!? man its crazy. you would think that with him being 11 months already i would be over these "omg thats my child" moments. lol but i still have them and occasionally i tear up behind them too. yeah im such a crybaby.
Im trying to decide what to do for his birthday party, i dont really expect more than a handfull of kids, if that. itll be more adults than anything, so i know ill have some cards and dominoes, but as far as things for the kids to do, i have no idea what to plan for them. ugh... what do you do for a first birthday party that the baby wont even remember really?

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