Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lets play catch up shall we?

Man so much has gone on since ive been on here last, hence the reason why i havent been writing. Plus these 10 hr shifts are kicking my ass. Well lets see where do i start? My car is still in the shop.. apparently my rear end was completly gone and everything back there had to be replaced. what everything back there is, i have no idea. all i know is this man has had my car for almost a ready to get my car back!!

somehow over the past two weeks, ive developed shingles. And even though its a 2nd round of chicken pox in adults that is only in one spot on you body, this shit hurt worse than anything i could think of. Hell id rather have a baby again than have shingles. that junk felt like a million needles poking you, or like prickly heat. all i can say is that im glad this episode is almost over. i was concerned because i know that both chicken pox and shingles are contagious and i didnt want the baby to get them this soon. the dr said that he still has my chicken pox antibodies in his system that i shouldnt worry about it. and praise God he hasnt had any show up, so im greatful for that.

We took jr to the dr friday and he is now 24 lbs,  29 1/2 inches long, and has a 18 1/2 inch head, and he is in the 75% range of kids his age. the dr was suprised at how solid he is. what an i say this kid has been moving around in his walker since he was 4 months, of course hes gonna be solid. hell his thighs alone have more definition than mine. lol we built a fort a couple of sundays ago for us to hang out and watch movies in. everyone got in on the fun. but someone couldnt hang. lol droolin all on my pillow.

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