Thursday, March 17, 2011

damn you shingles!!!

i dont know if i mentioned in my earlier posts that i had shingles in my neck. shingles are the adult version of chicken pox that is localized to one side and are a of your body, you only get it if youve had chicken pox before. well my main concern was my baby and him getting chicken pox at such a young age. my dr said that he should be ok because he still has my antibodies in his system and he shouldnt get them..yeah well what he also forgot to mention was that it takes 10-21 days to manifest itself after touching the effected area. Soo needless to say saturday i noticed a little red pock mark on jr back.. two days later they were everywhere. smh my poor baby. the dr office was just so shocked that there was an actual case of chicken pox. "no body really gets chicken pox anymore, hes a special little boy." he tells me. (rolling my eyes) and on top of him having the chicken pox he has a small cold. more of a runny nose and a cough. my poor babies nose is running so bad he wakes up with his eyelashes matted together with boogies and his nose completely blocked off. but since its been a few days hes starting to clear up. hopefully hes back to 100% before i head back to work. my poor baby. so yeah, i gave my baby the chicken pox. :(

in other news, i two strand twisted my hair to start my locks!! so for now theyre just two strand twists, itll proly take about a year to fully lock up. but this is the beginning of my lock journey..

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