Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jr vs the Alphabets..

The letters won. lol

im happy to report that our bout with the chicken pox is now over. were still battling the bout with the cough and runny nose and now a double ear infection, but he is getting better by the day. his nose is more bothersome to me than it is him, and his cough is slowly starting to fade. i think he coughed so hard last night that he scared himself and started crying. and this ear infection isnt even really bothering him, if the dr wouldnt have told me that he had it, then we wouldnt have known he had it. he hasnt been tugging at his ears or anything. but everyone here in the house is starting to get better by the day, thank god.
In other news: my lock journey is still in motion. im hitting one of those rough times that my aunt warned me about, but its all part of the game. ive had more compliments on my hair here recently than i can remember ever having. ive also had those say "omg your hair is too pretty for all of that" and all kinds of other crap. but  im not worried about it. this is something that i am choosing to do and want to do, so everything else that everyone has to say is in one ear and out the other. :)

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