Monday, August 7, 2017

I recently noticed I was in this group on facebook called Empowered Planning and everyone was talking about the planners they've gotten.  My first question was, how did I get put into this group? And whats so special about these planners? So I started paying attention to the posts that were made and what everyone was talking about. Getting the planners is to help get organized, get a timeline of what you want to accomplish, set goals, PLAN.  I remember telling my friend who is also in this group that I didnt think I needed a planner since I use the calendar on my phone to plan everything. What was the point of getting yet another thing to carry around in my already heavy backpack. Reluctantly I still got one and its is nothing fancy compared to the posts Ive seen with stickers, and different sections, binders, the works.
As time goes along, this group plans an outing to a local coffee shop so we can all make vision boards for what we are "planning" to do with ourselves, our goals, dreams etc. The event was nice, it was a room full of beautiful women who are wanting a change and trying to figure out how to do it.
We have been going through our own minor set back at home, and it seems like this group came right on time for me. I've been talking about not wanting to be in corporate anymore and having an idea of the direction I want to go, but havent done anything to get me in motion, as if the opportunity is going to just pay for itself and fall in my lap. So as we are planning our come up as a home, we have also been planning our own come ups as individuals. Of course Sr is working on his music and the different avenues that he is going to take, while Ive decided that I want to be a health coach. Yes health coach, mental health, physical health, spiritual health, nutritional, etc. I want to be able to help people, which I guess is the reason why I always get drawn back to customer service.
Being in this group doing our vision boards, and knowing the strength that I have to manifest has really got me working to make this happen. At our meetup, one of the admins asked what we wanted from this sisterhood and I said "accountability." I wanted to be held accountable for doing what I said I want to do, for making sure Im working on ME. Yes I get support at home, but I also know that we allow each other to slack off as well, and Ive slacked long enough. I want a change so Im going to have to make it happen. Im glad I did get this planner, I literally just wrote to myself for the remaining months about class, and if I have started them yet as I was typing this.
I know that I always tell folks to write down the things that they want because that helps to make them manifest, but somehow I never seem to follow my own guidance. Well, thanks to these wonderful ladies in Empowered Planning, Im writing! I will be a health coach, and I will start my classes by December 2017. If your'e reading this, check in on me, see how its going, make me accountable for the words I put out into the universe.

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