Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bop the Barbarian

You may or may not know that Sr calls me Bop and you may or may not know that "the Barbarian" has been added to that name. Heres the reason why:  In our old house, we had a mouse. Pachino (our bluepitt) saw it in the kitchen and went in for the attack with me following behind with the broom. Long story short, I ended up bopping the mouse over the head to kill it and get rid of it. I actually added a few notches to the handle of me vs the mouse in that house. Since Sr doesnt do mice, I was the dubbed killer of all things grey that like cheese. So fast forward to this past week or so and the new adventures of Bop the Barbarian.

Bella (our german shepherd) was barking at 230am, and it wasnt that obnoxious bark she normally does, so i went to go see whats going on. I walk to the window and behold a  possum sitting on the fence looking at Bella as shes sitting there barking. I pull Bella inside since we've recently conquered a rat together (picture the killer whale flinging the sea lion around before eating it) and you have Bella catching the rat the other day. Any who so I bring her inside and she gets to making noise so I'm trying to kick her out again so I can get a couple more minutes of sleep before that 430am alarm. I grab the outside broom thinking the possum is playing dead I can just push him off the fence into the neighbors yard. Its 230, Im half sleep, barefoot and armed with a broom trying to take on a possum. smh  So I walk over there and jab the broom at it a few times, it MAKES EYE CONTACT WITH ME and it gave me that look like "Do it again and see what happens."  After we had a 3 second stare down, I gave up, apologized and kept Bella in the house because all I could picture was this possum coming at me like a rabid flying squirrel. Its 230 in the am, Sr is sleep in the front of the house and no one would have heard me scream if this thing decided to get froggy and jump, so I politely put the broom back and took my tail and Bellas tail to bed asking for forgiveness. Needless to say, there is still a possum running around our neighborhood, who has officially punked Bop the Barbarian. lol 

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