Friday, July 21, 2017

social media-less

I decided to do a social media fast for a few days and deactivated my facebook on my phone along with removing the icons off my home screen. I felt like it was time to stop and breathe for a moment. Due to one of these groups Im in, I was being bombarded with a lot of information and it seemed like I didnt have time to digest any of it, so a step back was needed. My goal by doing this was to put the phone down and ground myself more. Turns out all the information I was getting was all saved to my phone, all my books, any thing that needed to be transferred to my book, etc. so I still ended up with my phone in my hand a lot. The good thing about doing this was that it forced me to read some of the material that I have and also talk more with people in my life. Yes the communication was still via text, but I feel like I did more conversing with people in these past 3 days than I have in a minute, I was definitely more engaged in the conversation.That first night of not having any fb, twitter or ig to look at truly had me questioning my life, like what did we do before these smart phones? What do I do with myself now that I have nothing to look at?  Do I really spend that much time on social media like that?  Turns out I do. I noticed my battery life lasted a little longer in the result of my phone being so dry. lol Talk about no action. Its all good though, Ill be jumping back on in the car on the way to this music festival tomorrow, but this is something that I think I will be doing more of on a regular basis.  I definitely recommend everyone taking a couple of days from the social state, enjoy the things in front of you and be in the moment.

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