Monday, February 3, 2014

Blessed beyond measure

So I know, I've hit my slacker stage again when it comes to writing. Let  me put the disclaimer out there, the first half of this was written almost 2 and a half months ago. Back in November, my  boss told me that he recommended me for an interim team lead position while one of the current leads goes out for medical reasons. Now with the recommendation alone, I was hype, and very grateful.  Upon my arrival to work the following day, the supervisor in need told me that I am now her interim team lead. No there's no pay increase, but this is just more experience to add to my resume here at my job. Im grateful not only because its our busy time and I can be off the phones, but more so for the opportunity that I am being presented with. There's a possibility that other positions can become availabe to me after this assignment is over. So who knows. All I can say is im grateful and blessed.

So with that being said, my run with my new hire team is over. And yes i said, MY new hire team. I say that because I got them on their first real day on the phones,  which can be most terrifying in this type of work environment. I remember my first day on the phones and all of the terror, and second guessing myself I did. Now I get to see them for more than one day and get to see their growth and development. The first day, I had folks crying saying they didn't known if they were going to come back because they just didn't know what to do. 2 months later, 2 people from my team specifically have left, and 2 others from the remainder of the new hire class have quit. What can i say, this type of job isn't for everyone. This is my first real leadership role in the corporate world. Sometimes I forget that, I slip into my call taker role and will say whatever, but I've gotten better about that. There were times when the reps would say something  "oh that's my team lead" or "Tae is my leadership." I try to correct them because I'm only interim and once their real lead comes back, I will no longer be there to guide them and will be back to my normal duties. I appreciate the love and support, but I'm not out here to take this team over or nothing like that. I'm just here to help.

With this position,  its given me a chance to see things from the other side. Ive been in the newbies role, trying to find my way, now im here seeing these people grow, learning their personality types and seeing the same struggle  I dealt with many moons ago.  The experience as a whole has been one that I am grateful for. I received a lot of good feed back, and it also put my name out there. So from here we shall see what the future holds. 

As far as the rest of my life, what can I say. Were just living, growing and continuing to be better. Daddy is becoming something like a local celebrity here in the ville, Jr is growing more and more each and every day. Which by the way, is not something I am prepared for. Sometimes i look at him and just be in awe that he is getting so big..  Well for now, that's all i shall bore you with. :) I promise, I WILL BE BETTER WHEN IT COMES TO SHARING. 


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