Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Heres to you slick

$5 bucks says this will be on the TV tomorrow morning. So far this school year, we have had  6 snow days/early dismissals. The sad part about it is, half of those probably could have been avoided. Now here is the part where I go into when I was growing up, and how i had to go to school in a least 3 feet of snow. I, however, did not have to walk in it. I had the luxury of driving in the mess. My school sat on top of a hill that I had to maneuver Red Bone up. And if I got stuck, eff it, leave it on the hill and hike. I come from the midwest, the land of snow during the winter time.. I currently live in what I've heard called the midwest.. CLEARLY this is NOT the midwest, not even close. More like mideast-ish.

 My first winter here, and every one since amazes me at how many school closings there are. Granted right now, it is currently raining, and earlier there were ice pellets falling.. The city may in fact be something like an ice skating rink tomorrow. Schools, daycare's and work were released early today in efforts help get everyone home safe. The last time we were released early from work, it was a day late and a dollar short. The ice was a half inch thick on the cars, and it was still snowing. Folks I work with said it took them 4 hours or more to get home.  So it was a good choice to let go home before the storm hit. Tonight we are expected to have non stop snow/ice/rain. It has been non stop for the past 3 hours now. It first started as ice pellets, the last time I looked out the door it was raining.. Oh  goody goody gum drop. I hope the i city is out working and salting right now. You would think they were right? For as long as I've been here, it always seems like the city trucks are out the most after everything is said and done, and not during the storm or before pre-treating. I've been through an ice storm before since being out here, and that was one scary situation to be in. Especially if you have trees close to your window, and you can hear the tree limbs breaking from the weight of the ice. Scary stuff i tell ya. The meteorologist said its not supposed to be as bad as the previous storm, but looking out side now, I can tell you its not gonna be pretty tomorrow. Pray for us readers.. 

Be easy yall 

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