Thursday, March 13, 2014

I hate waiting..

If you didn't know that, well, I guess now you do. My patience level has always been on the low side, so when I have to wait, well, that's just dumb. Well I guess it's not really dumb, but more of a way to help increase the patience that I have. Take for instance, right now the car is in the shop, so that gives me a set of waiting periods. I have to wait for the bus to get where Im going, and I have to wait to hear back from the mechanic. BOO! Something else that Ive been having to wait on is, a shift in roles at work. Ive been doing some research and I see that the place Im trying to slide into is vacant and waiting, but there is a process and I have to follow it. Right now Im waiting to find out when this process will start. -_- The winter this year has been something like crazy. One day we had rain, the next we were under a winter storm warning. This week we were up to about 75 degrees, the next day we dropped to 40 in a matter of hours. Can we say over winter aka waiting for spring. lol Ugh where is the fast forward button when you need it?

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