Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ammoxicillin = No bueno

So Sr took Jr to the dr because he was running some serious fevers, and when I say serious I mean like 104.3. Which Tylenol was bringing down but it wasn't bringing it down low enough, so we took him to the dr. They determined thar he is both teething and has a sinus infection. So they gave him some ammoxicillin to help clear that up. Even though he only got it for maybe a day every 12 hours he broke out in a red rash all over hid body. :( and even though it wasn't effecting him he still broke out. So when I finally called the dr, they told me to not give anymore doses and see if it clears up.. It never did, so thy told me to give him some benedryll. With giving him benedryll I've learned that even a 1/2tsp makes him sleepy and extremely cranky. :-/ thank god it's only taken two days to clear up this rash and now I shouldn't have to give him much more benedryll. I'm just praying that once I stop the benedryll that he will continue to sleep thru the night. keeping my fingers crossed.

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