Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting real old real fast....

I swear I have to be thee only mom whose kid isn't sleeping thru the night. It's 209a I've been up with Jr since 1235. It's a good thing I don't have to work tomorrow otherwise I'd be 38hot. I just don't understand why it is some nights he'll sleep til 530-600 and then I get nights like this. He had him a bottle and then just decided to act anass tonight, he's been up screaming like someones beatin him ever sincehe finished his bottle. I'm trying my best not to get aggrivated since I know he can tell when I'm getting pissd, but comeon man this shit is getting real old real fast. I just don't understand why A.) he can't sleep thru the night all the time and B.) why he always has to act out on my night. It's times like this that shows me my patience level isn't where it's supposed to be. My nephew said it gets better after the get a little bit older.. How old is a little bit older? Cuz his up all night ish is for the birds.. Ooh lord please give me the patience.

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