Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How do you deal?

With every season change comes a season change. And that mess will come whether you're ready or not. What do you do or how do you deal when you're seasons change unexpectedly? How do you feel when your season changes in a way that impacts you in a negative way?  When my season changes, I always learn something new. It can be some new feeling that I didn't know I had, like when I first cut my hair. That feeling was something like a little more sass mixed with a lil bit of bad ass. Lol
I had some unexpected situation come up recently and when I was telling my Sr about it, he told me that this could've easily been avoided had I done xyz. Immediately after he said that, I was feeling some kind of way because he was blaming me for this situation when in fact he was right. Had I taken care of business when I was supposed to, my lesson could've been on a whole different subject. But it's not so oh well.

With some of your most recent season changes what have you learned? How do you deal?

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